Case Study: How MBE helped a global insurance broker implement a Change Management Programme.

With the continuous demands on insurers to reduce costs, deliver faster and increase profits, change is necessary and inevitable.

Every organisation has its own culture, and efforts to change the way an organisation operates or introducing a new initiative must be sensitive to that culture.

The Challenge

A global insurance brokerage and risk management company engaged MBE Consulting to help implement a new Document Management System (DMS). A DMS that could track, manage, and store documents and subsequently reduce paper was the obvious solution for the client to adopt. It was critical for the DMS to be adaptable to meet the various needs of each business area.

In addition, to ensure the success of the new system it required employees to shift away from using the cumbersome, but familiar method of managing and storing data in paper format. With hundreds of thousands of boxes of paper files and hundreds of square metres of office space taken over by paper, the costs and time to manage such a business practice had become unfeasible.

Alongside the implementation of the new DMS, MBE was asked by the client to develop and execute a Change Management Programme that incorporated a communication strategy and training programme for 400 members of staff.

The Change Management Programme involved:

  • early introduction to the project objective and the system;
  • detailed requirement specification and design sessions with key stakeholders;
  • a rollout programme for the launch of the system with in-depth operator training; and
  • further coaching and mentoring once the system was implemented.

With hundreds of thousands of boxes of paper files and hundreds of square metres of office space taken over by paper, the costs and time to manage such a business practice were overwhelming.

What MBE did

We worked with the client’s senior leadership team to gain their full backing and engagement with the decision to move to a more effective system.

Similarly, we ensured that department heads were involved at each stage in the integration of the new system, and that the concerns of the staff were understood ensuring the system was fit for purpose.

The engagement from senior management presented a positive message throughout the organisation and meant people were supportive of the change and the internal “sell” was achieved.

Once the DMS had been tailored to deliver the operational needs of the various departments, it needed to be tested and rolled out to the business. This was achieved through a programme of workshops for all staff designed to give an initial high-level introduction to the system and its capabilities.

An important element of the Change Management Programme was the development and delivery of an on-going support and mentoring network throughout the business. MBE trained and coached a small group of system ‘champions’ within the business to provide this support. This team ’walked the floor‘ and actively engaged with staff for feedback, addressing any concerns and additional training needs of the team.

“A change management programme embraces the culture of a business and works closely with all stakeholders to ensure that any change meets business needs and benefits are maximised.”

Vibeke Fennell, Director of Operational Excellence at MBE


Using a Change Management Programme in the implementation of the new document management system ensured:

  • staff were involved in the project from the outset building a positive and proactive attitude towards the change.
  • the successful development of a streamlined training programme ensuring that the rollout maintained its momentum.
  • the effective delivery of a major business change that:
    • generated significant savings in storage space and costs.
    • enabled documents to be easily and quickly located and accessed.
    • improved document security and disaster recovery plans.
    • created companywide buy-in and support of the change, providing an excellent platform for future change initiatives.

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Vibeke Fennell