The Actuarial Performance Management
(APM™) Framework Enablers:

  • People, Roles & Responsibilities
  • Performance Management
  • Data Architecture
  • Actuarial Applications
  • Data Lifecycle
  • Processes & Methods

The optimisation of each Enabler is fundamental to a high performing long term actuarial strategy. By combining the six Enablers, the APM Framework provides a complete visualisation of your actuarial performance.

People, Roles and Responsibilities

…defines the skills and organisation required to effectively develop and maintain models, produce and manage risk and actuarial data, and ensure consistent use of the data and models across the entire organsation.

The People, Roles & Responsibilities Enabler helps you to develop, manage and leverage actuarial potential at an individual, team and organisational level, and helps you embed a robust actuarial performance-driven culture and growth mindset.  

Download our People, Roles & Responsibilities Enabler information sheet for further details.


Performance Management

…defines the measures that monitor and control the appropriateness of actuarial models and the performance of processes with the help of key performance indicators (KPIs).

The Performance Management Enabler helps you to measure, monitor and report the risks associated with your models and the performance of your risk management and actuarial processes.  

Download our Performance Management Enabler information sheet for further details.


Data Architecture

…defines the conceptual data model for risk and actuarial results data and describes how the data flows between applications as well as its storage, management and maintenance. 

The Data Architecture Enabler provides a structure that supports your current business objectives as well as your strategic vision. 

Download our Data Architecture Enabler information sheet for further details.


Actuarial Applications

…defines the software components that support the modelling of results, data management and model development activities. 

The Actuarial Applications Enabler helps you maintain the applications required to efficiently manager, model, and distribute risk data and actuarial results across your organisation.  

Download our Actuarial Applications Enabler information sheet for further details.


Data Lifecycle

…defines the data sources, data consumers and business uses, and the operational data activities i.e. from capture and synthesis/modelling to the archiving of the actuarial data. 

The Data Lifecycle Enabler helps you establish well-defined data governance that minimises data risk and maximises the usage of trusted data (including synthesised data).

Download our Data Lifecycle Enabler information sheet for further details.


Processes and Methods

…defines the techniques, procedures and standards required to produce and manage risk data and actuarial results accurately and consistently. 

The Processes and Methods Enabler helps you design well-defined processes that deliver consistent and reliable risk data and actuarial results, produced to the appropriate quality standards, and on time to meet business objectives. 

Download our Processes and Methods Enabler information sheet for further details.


The APM Framework Assessment

We help you to develop a sustainable and strategic approach to your actuarial operation. Using our APM Framework we will carry out a full assessment of your current actuarial performance.

Our assessment enables us to calculate and pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your actuarial operation across six enablers. 

On completion of the APM Assesssment you will receive a full analysis and report containing detailed and actionable insights on how you can improve your operational performance and achieve actuarial excellence. 

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