Solvency II

How Asset Managers Can Attract More Insurance Investors

MBE Consulting’s Andries Beukes and Ben Herrett recently sat down with Ashley Smith at CSS. In the podcast – Solvency II Review and What’s Next for Insurers, they discuss the increased drive by asset managers to attract insurance investors.

Why a holistic approach is the way forward for the insurance industry

The insurance industry has developed organically over centuries, its growth fuelled by meeting societal needs, but accelerated by historically unscrupulous sales practices. Of course, the latter have been curbed in recent years by increasingly strict regulation in areas such as commission and capital management, but the industry reaps the benefits of history.

Solvency II Materiality: Size doesn’t matter

Ant carrying a lead to show size does not matter

Although Solvency II obliges insurers to disclose material information, the regulations do not define what makes an asset material. Materiality is about more than just market value. Insurers need to start paying more attention to capital requirements than market value when it comes to setting materiality thresholds… because risky dynamite often comes in seemingly insignificant packages…

Case Study: Implementing MBE’s actuarial technology to meet new regulatory requirements

Graphics of currency markets

A mutual insurer dramatically improved transparency across their whole Solvency II reporting process and achieved cost-saving reductions in resource requirements by implementing MBE’s proprietorial technology.

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