Management…how to relate to different teammates

Every team is made up of different personality types, and some demand more time and attention from the leaders who manage them than others. Although there’s no hard and fast management strategy that fits every kind of employee, there is a rough framework managers can use to decide how to direct their energy toward getting the most out of all the personalities on their teams. Here’s a quick rundown of eight of the most common personality types and how to manage each one.

MBE are proud sponsors of the Greenchild Foundation

The Greenchild Foundation provides Youth Development, Life Skills, Leadership and Mentoring to both learners and educators. Their aim is to provide access to personal development opportunities to underprivileged and previously disadvantaged communities. We are delighted to be a sponsor of this valuable development programme.

Salami slicing…delicious and malicious

Sometimes, the beauty of the finance world is in its creative ways of naming boring or unpleasant concepts. Salami slicing, also known as penny shaving, is the fraudulent practice of stealing money repeatedly in tiny quantities, usually by taking advantage of rounding to the nearest penny in financial transactions.

Post-COVID habits: The rise of remote work and attracting top talent

A new front has opened in the war for talent: the rise of remote work. Flexibility on location and time are the top two traits insurance professionals seek in an employee benefit. Flexibility does not necessarily imply a demand for 100% remote work, but rather more choice around when and where they work.

Patterns…fooled by (non-)randomness

People make up “random” numbers for all kinds of reasons, ranging from the innocent (coming up with some dummy data to use in a maths example) to the less innocent (fake expenses for a tax return). Either way, they tend to fall into unconscious patterns when creating these numbers and there are a few tell-tale signs of how to spot them.