Banknotes…the price of beauty

There may not be a gold standard for beauty, but there may be a banknote standard for beauty, which is set by the judges of the prestigious International Bank Note Society (IBNS) Bank Note of the Year award. Uganda, Kazakhstan, Trinidad and Tobago and New Zealand have all won the award in recent years.  But […]

Efficiency…showing bad design the door

How many times have you tried to pull a door that should be pushed?  And of those times, how often have you felt stupid for doing so?  Chances are, you almost always blame yourself for these types of errors, the ones that hamper efficient use of everyday objects.  But, as we know from the world […]

Lifesaving maths…you know something, John Snow

Many Londoners may walk past the John Snow pub in Soho and assume it is the work of a passionate Game of Thrones fan, but it’s actually a memorial to a physician who developed an ingenious mathematical device to prove the waterborne transmission of cholera. By September 1854, a cholera outbreak had decimated Soho, killing […]

IFRS Assess Enterprise – Accelerating IFRS 17

The MBE Consulting team has worked in partnership with Software Alliance to integrate our IFRS Assessment tool into their software platform, which included improving and increasing the capabilities it offered actuaries for the implementation of IFRS 17.

How Asset Managers Can Attract More Insurance Investors

MBE Consulting’s Andries Beukes and Ben Herrett recently sat down with Ashley Smith at CSS. In the podcast – Solvency II Review and What’s Next for Insurers, they discuss the increased drive by asset managers to attract insurance investors.