The Raconteur Future of Insurance report

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MBE is pleased to present, in partnership with Raconteur publishing house, The Future of Insurance Report.

The report, published in the 12 October, 2016 edition of The Times newspaper, features contributions by award-winning journalists and editors of prominent financial publications. 

Topics covered include: 

  • IOT and personalised insurance – How are the internet of things and telematics changing insurance and why haven’t we see complete adoption? 
  • Innovation Culture – How can insurers innovate when faced with lengthy decision-making processes and a culture of traditionalism? 
  • New entrants are a force for good – Why are we starting to see a new wave of insurance start-ups and what will this mean for the future of insurance? 
  • Customer experience, claims and distribution – What can insurers do to improve their famously poor customer experience ratings? 
  • Blockchain could revolutionise insurance – An in-depth look at how blockchain could potentially transform the way insurers do business. 

Read these and other thought-provoking pieces here.

Ben Herrett