IFRS Assess Enterprise – Accelerating IFRS 17

The MBE Consulting team has worked in partnership with Software Alliance to integrate our IFRS Assessment tool into their software platform Mo.net leading to the development of IFRS Assess Enterprise. For more information:

Benefits of IFRS Assess Enterprise

  • Provides valuable insights into assessing the various options and interpretations permitted within the IFRS 17 principles
  • Ensures that the implementation of any required changes is effective, efficient and avoids excessive implementation costs, reducing overall project risk
  • Improved speed, scalability & transparency of calculations
  • Provides clarity and certainty to boards on the impacts of various decisions on the IFRS 17 Balance Sheet and Income Statement

Key functionality of IFRS Assess Enterprise

  • Calculation of Balance Sheet Components
  • Calculation of Income Statement Components
  • Calculation of Risk Adjustment
  • Model Point of Cashflow input
  • Building Block Approach or variable Fee Approach
  • Unlocking of CSM
  • Fair value and Modified Retrospective Approach
  • Calculation and tracking of Loss component

Contact us to find out how IFRS Assess Enterprise can help you with IFRS 17 requirements.

Simone O'Connor