Christo Muller



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Christo, Partner, IT Services, has broken the mould of the traditional computer nerd by making technology accessible to his clients and inspiring his team to do the same with his infectious enthusiasm. “I derive great satisfaction from problem solving and just making things better; good technology is designed to do just that,” he says.

This passion is what drives his work as leader of the Technology Consultancy division of MBE, part of which is to ensure the delivery of the system development of MBE’s industry-leading IT solutions being offered to the financial services sector.

Christo has been delivering technology solutions in different industries for more than 15 years and brings to MBE his clear understanding of the ever-present divide between business and IT within organisations. He has a proven ability to analyse, and grasp very rapidly, the core business needs and requirements and bridge the communication gap with the technology world. His ability to achieve cross-functional buy-in, manage stakeholder expectations and deliver innovative systems solutions adds significant value to MBE clients. Christo has a reputation for developing trust, building positive relationships and fostering a collegial work environment, which makes him a true asset to the MBE team.

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