Andries Beukes



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“My job is to synergise our various skill sets and make the whole even greater than the sum of its parts,” says Andries, a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and Partner, Actuarial Solutions at MBE Consulting.

Andries’ actuarial career began in the insurance industry over 15 years ago and he has worked in a wide range of areas since then, most recently far-reaching IFRS 17-related projects, which have benefited from his clear understanding of the requirements and demands of implementing new – and often daunting – regulation.

Over the course of his career in an often inefficient environment, Andries has developed a passion for using accessible technology and efficient systems to solve actuarial and operational problems faced by the industry.

This passion drives his role of strategic planning and coordination across all of MBE’s disciplines, to ensure that clients are provided with efficient, practical and technologically sound solutions for even the most complex actuarial problems. Andries’ approachability, combined with his excellent technical understanding, has contributed to his proven track record of effective management, leadership and decision-making skills.

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