Meet Alkistis Voukelatou, Actuarial Analyst

Alkistis recently joined us at MBE having moved to the UK from Greece, via Portugal and Edinburgh! 

Alkistis joined our growing team of actuarial analysts. She is already making an impact supporting our clients in helping them deliver their projects, including IFRS 17 implementation programmes.

We asked Alkistis to share a few things about herself.

What inspired you to become an actuary?

I was lucky enough to do an internship where I was introduced to different actuarial processes. I loved how they could be used to solve real-life problems and how fascinating an actuarial career could be.

What’s the one thing that surprised you about working at MBE Consulting?

The variety of projects and tools I get to work on. There is something new to learn everyday.

How do you prefer to start your day?

With a cup of coffee whilst listening to my favourite Greek radio show. It plays great music and the presenters are very funny.

What energises you outside of work?

Meeting new people, trying new activities and travelling (I can’t wait!).

What’s your favourite place in the world and why?

A little cantine above Avali beach on the island of Lefkada. It is a wonderfully peaceful place with amazing views.

If you need support delivering your actuarial projects contact us to discuss your requirements.

Simone O'Connor