Life Hacks… for now… or later

“I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do – the day after.”

Oscar Wilde

We all procrastinate sometimes, some more than others.  This Lighter Side article looks at some simple ways for you to control your inner procrastinator.

Give (10+2)*5 a try – Let’s start with a classic but very effective hack called (10+2)*5 created by podcaster Merlin Mann. The (10+2)*5 simply means 10 minutes work + 2 minutes break multiplied by 5, completing 1 hour. It is crucial to stick with the time limits and not skip work and break schedules. The point of this is for you to create a jam-packed routine of work and break schedules.

Become productively lazy – Instead of finding all sorts of ways to unproductively procrastinate, like just watching television or surfing the internet, use your habit to look for shortcuts and new ways to finish your tasks. For example, master the less than three-second t-shirt folding technique.

Prepping the night before – Preparing essentials for your tasks tomorrow will only take 15 minutes in the evening, which will give you more time in the morning to enjoy your coffee.

Use technology to prevent technology overuse – Social media is the procrastinator’s dream come true. Sometimes it is worth having a break from social media and gaining control of the urge to continually check your social media apps.

Now that we’ve provided you with at least two minutes of Friday procrastination (about procrastination), it’s back to work!

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Pamela Hellig