Jakes Gerwel Technical High School and MBE Consulting announce their partnership.

Partnerships, like we have with MBE, ensure the sustainability of the school for many, many generations to come and we really value that.

Wilhelm De Wet, Chairman, JGE Funding Trust

MBE Consulting and the Jakes Gerwel Technical High School are delighted to announce their partnership. The single focus of the partnership is to enrich the students education and progress the career opportunities of the Bonnievale community.

The Jakes Gerwel Technical High School (JGT), a modern two-stream technical school with cutting edge e-learning facilities and MBE Consulting (MBE), a specialist actuarial consultancy operating in life insurance and financial services sectors, today announced their partnership to extend and enrich the educational opportunities for the children from Bonnievale, Western Cape.

Both JGT and MBE are aligned in their pursuit of building a high-quality secondary education and career pathway for students to pursue their ambitions. The goal is to provide a springboard for the students to succeed as professionals and in business, and to go on to help their community in the future.

The Jakes Gerwel Technical High School goes beyond proving an average education. At MBE we have long advocated the professional development of our staff by providing financial support, coaching, and mentoring. We are now delighted to extend this ethos beyond the business by partnering with this remarkable school.

Andries Beukes, Partner, MBE Consulting

The MBE team will work closely with the JGT staff to support the students by sharing their business experience and knowledge through coaching and mentoring.

The partnership with the Jakes Gerwel Technical High School is a unique opportunity for MBE to share our expertise and knowledge with the students to give them the confidence to pursue a diverse range of careers or to become entrepreneurs running their own businesses. We are looking forward to contributing to the JGT goal of empowering students and equipping them with the right skills and knowledge to enable them to succeed as individuals and contribute to the future prosperity of the community.

Vibeke Fennell, Partner, MBE Consulting

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The Jakes Gerwel Technical High School

The Jakes Gerwel Technical High School is the realisation of the vision of the Bonnievale community to provide a modern three-stream technical school with cutting edge e-learning facilities that currently gives 630 children from poor households in Bonnievale and the rural surrounding farm schools to have an opportunity to pursue secondary school education. JGT is a first for South Africa. Never has a community worked together on such a scale to collaborate with the government to create a school of such a standard and comprehensive offering of both technical vocational and technical occupational curricula.

MBE Consulting

Established in 2008 MBE Consulting is a specialist actuarial consultancy with a reputation for insight and innovation in the life insurance and financial services sectors. We provide long-lasting, individually tailored transformation programmes and actuarial technologies to improve risk management, remove waste and streamline processes for its clients. Our business has grown almost entirely through personal recommendations, reflecting the trust and loyalty our clients have in our services and people. 

For further information contact: 

Jakes Gerwel Technical: Wilhelm de Wet, Trustee: email | +27 82 823 9978

MBE Consulting: Shaun Lawton, Director: email | linkedin.com/in/shaunlawton

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