Insurance industry innovator Tyron Fouche joins MBE Consulting

We are delighted to announce that Tyron Fouche has joined the MBE team. 

Tyron is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries with over 10 years of experience in insurance.  He is an expert in insurance innovation and has been endorsed as an exceptional talent in the digital innovation space by the UK DIT.

About Tyron

In 2017, Tyron co-founded an award-winning insurtech venture (“Nobuntu”), which launched the 21st Century’s first legal, digital tontine.  

He has consulted on and implemented new products in the insurtech arena and presented at World Bank and Longevity conferences on peer-to-peer annuities and the use of behaviourally targeted technology to help solve the annuity puzzle.

Tyron is a Subject Matter Expert for the online Oxford Saïd Fintech and Blockchain courses helping guide executives and entrepreneurs to success through weaving digital financial innovation into existing or new business models.

On this journey with Oxford University, he has assisted numerous financial services professionals and executives in responding to changing consumer behaviours and digital trends. This has given Tyron a unique insight into emerging consumer trends, Oxford University thought leadership and the role technology can play to help insurers innovate both internally and externally.

We asked Tyron to share a few things about himself

“The world has undergone a step-change over the past year, our lives are increasingly digital and technology is altering the product-market fit of current solutions. This is a generational opportunity for the insurance industry to innovate across the value chain, from the way people work within insurance companies, to the way people experience insurance itself. I believe the UK will pioneer how the insurance industry embraces the coming wave of insurtech innovations and I want to be a part of that!”

Tell us about yourself

An actuary by training, but an innovator at heart, I have created multiple insurtech ventures built around my passion to use technology to create better insurance business models.

What attracted you to MBE Consulting?

Post-pandemic, UK insurers have an opportunity to see work and life from a fresh perspective and innovate with bold ambition! MBE Consulting is a fast-growing business with a focus on innovative actuarial transformation and my role is to help clients bring that innovation to life.

What does innovation mean to you?

I see innovation as the process whereby an inspired team of people build a product or service, which in turn ignites a feeling of inspiration within their clients or users. To me, it’s so closely linked with a wonderfully optimistic view of the future.

In today’s world, digital innovation has a fleeting lifespan, which is why it is so important to see past individual acts of innovation and think in terms of a culture of continuous, relentless innovation.

For a conversation with Tyron about introducing digital financial innovation into your organisation, contact us today. 

Simone O'Connor